Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Group Name Contest!

Our group needs a name! During the month of September, brainstorm ideas for the perfect name. You can enter each entry to me at my email address or put them in the bin at class. You may submit as many names as you can come up with – there’s no limit! The inventor of the chosen name will receive as a prize a Bare Necessities CD! (Want to hear some? Go here!

It would be fun to have something clever and unique, as the only things I can ever come up with are painfully obvious (ala “The McMinnville Country Dancers” or “Willamette Valley ECD”) or occasionally something very silly (“The Physical Snobs”).

The name does not need to have a location reference. It could incorporate the name of one of our dances perhaps, or a visual idea.

Some names of other groups:

Dancing Bears (Alaska)

Bay Area Country Dance Society – BACDS (California – a legendary group)

We Make History (Arizona)

The George & Martha Washington Cotillion (California)

Pikes Peak Traditional Dance (Colorado)

Quiet Corner Contra Dance! (Connecticut)

Atlanta Waltz Society (Georgia)

Big Island Contra Folk (Hawaii)

The Heather and the Rose Country Dancers (Ashland, OR)

Dance-a-Rama (Massachusetts)

Cobblestone Farm Country Dancers (Michigan)

Hill & Hollow Music – Step Lively! (New York)

Sun Assembly (This is also a name of a dance) (North Carolina)

And that’s just a few of them!

One of our distant dance relations is a thing called rapper sword dancing (no relation whatsoever to singing rappers!) This type of dancing features flexible “swords” and extremely fast and daring moves. One guy named his group the “Velocirappers”! :D Very clever!

So, use your imagination! I can’t wait to see your ideas! :) The contest ends October 4th (first lesson of October).